Registration Payment

You have two options to pay online: Interac or PayPal. Each registrant should submit a separate registration form and payment.

Interac e-Transfer

To send money in Canada, you can simply log into the online banking website for your financial institution. Under Transfer/Payment Options, select Interac e-Transfer. Under this menu you may need to select something like “Send Money”. The bank website will present a form for you to fill out. You may need to add “Bloody Words 2014″ as a recipient. The relevant information required will be:

      Amount: how much you wish to send us. Registration is C$190 plus $20 for each T-shirt.


        Bloody Words 2014 is the most important part.)
      Security Question:

        Choose a question where the answer will be your password. Send us the password in a separate email. Remember that for passwords, formatting counts, so if the password starts with a capital letter, make sure what you send us has a capital letter.

      Note: Your bank or financial institution may not exactly say Transfer/Payment Options, but it will have some wording that’s similar.

      For more information, visit the Interac e-Transfer website.


      You can also pay for Bloody Words online using PayPal. Just click the arrow next to the drop-down box below that says Registrants and complete the payment on the PayPal website. (Please note that PayPal charges us a service charge of $7 that we are adding to the cost of paying by PayPal; this $7 service charge goes to PayPal, not to Bloody Words.)

      Membership: $190
      Online transaction fee: $7Total: $217

      If you have submitted payment but you have not given us contact information, please go to the registration form to give us your information.

      If you have paid for a T-shirt(s), we will give it to you at the conference.

      (If you have not already done so:)  Please click here to submit the registration information form

      If you do not submit the information form, our registrar will have to do extra work to obtain this information from you.